Build With Me or Begone

Many Motivational Quotes. Daily Thought: Build With Me or Begone
Trust in relationships is not just a single building block, but the entire foundation of being happy together, and without a stable foundation how can one hope to forge an unbreakable and healthy relationship. If trust is not found the love will surely fall apart, since nothing is built in a day and as such trust will not be built in a single instance, but before moving on to the next steps of love this foundation must be established first. Below is a small list of necessities: 
  1. Trustworthiness is a must
  2. Always stay faithful to the one you love
  3.  Mutual assurance that you feel wanted by one another
  4. No roaming eye's (keep those eye's on the one you love)
  5. Make an honest effort to spend quality time together with no interruption
  6.  Be sure that support is mutual.
With these 6 rules as a foundation and a lot of hard work, building a relationship that is both strong and healthy is without a doubt possible. it just takes the right mindset and hard work. 


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