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At the end of the day

February 22, 2018

Many Motivational Quotes. Daily Thought: Don't be taken advantage of
Time and time again we may come to find ourselves at the crossroad of personal happiness vs the happiness of others, but the thing about personal happiness is that it can also be help to others, i mean who wants a person who is unhappy helping them? Nobody does because they treat it like a chore. Once personal happiness is in hand one becomes more inclined to pass this great feelings onto another. And less inclined to allow people the room to mess with said happiness.

Of course there will still be times were choosing personal happiness may not be for the best, so keeping a type balance between personal and non-personal happiness is probably for the best considering life seems to love throwing curve-balls left and right. Just do not let the balance tip in favor of others to much because at the end of the day your happiness matters just as much as anyone else's, never lose that mindset.

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