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Find Your Self-Love

Love and Desire.

It's much better to feel valued and loved in a relationship than to simply be a desire. Lust is *fleeting* in every sense of the word it comes and goes but when you truly value someone and they value you it takes the relationship to a whole new level.

Honestly there's a thin line between love and desire and people usually tend to pick one or the other which is sad considering that with the right mix of both of these it can bring about a pretty darn healthy relationship. it's all about a healthy balance, that is what a relationship craves.

Insecure Love?

Insecure Love?  

Insecure Love?  

This single word, this single act! It has destroyed so many relationships it's not even funny....never be the insecure one or allow an insecure partner to push his/her insecurities onto you. You are good enough! never lose that type of thinking, not even for a second. Insecurity is the Relationship killer so avoid it at all costs.You cannot have a secure relationship with an insecure person. 


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