Befriend positivity

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Many Motivational Quotes. Daily Thought: Befriend positivity
 Bent but never broken
No matter what type of tough times come around, no matter how unfortunate, and down right horrible never break because the tough times will eventually pass us all by tho it will take some time. Even if we are bent and twisted, taken to our limit of pain and sanity, no matter what we cannot allow ourselves break, we are stronger than our issues . 
Keep your head up and press on.
push through negativity no matter what, and do not let those dark feelings take root and grow.

Remember the sun will always come out again, indeed it will shine even brighter after the storm has passed. 

Befriend the positive ones 

Let Everyone See You For YOU.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Many Motivational Quotes. Daily Thought: Don't dwell on the opinion of others.
Don't be bound by the mold

There are always those types of people that try to mold others into what they deem acceptable, into the mold that they see as the most *secure* place a person can be. There is no reason anyone should be bound by the mold others have set, It it obvious that these kind of people do not have anyone's best interest at heart except for their own. But you know what, the mold is not fit for everyone, some people just want to be themselves without anyone else adding that extra 2 cents.

 Being true to oneself is one of the most important things in this world and everyone is unique in some way, so never let other people mold you into something you are not willing to become in life. If you do not like the mold before you, simply break it without giving it a second thought and let everyone see you for YOU. 

Fuck what they think. Just go be happy.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Many Motivational Quotes. Daily Thought: Fuck what they think. Just go be happy.
Let nothing get in the way of your happiness.

Anything or anyone that impedes the successful ventures you have in mind for your life are in need of swift removal from your life. Ultimately you are going to have to find yourself needing to make a change in your life and sometimes that change is going to be people and most likely they won't understand your reasoning behind the sudden change but honestly who cares whether they do or not? Some people in life will probably see this as being selfish, but I think it is way more selfish to literally not support or even get in the way of someone who wants to reach for something they believe in.

Never feel guilty for wanting to be successful and happy on whatever path you decide to take in life.

Your time, Your focus, your energy

Many Motivational Quotes. Daily Thought: Your time,Your focus, your energy
Nothing is perfect and as such within every relationship there will always be some type of conflict, but what is truly important at the end of the day is the eagerness to resolve the problems that are present for the sake of the relationship.
Many Motivational Quotes. Daily Thought: Your time, Your focus, your energy

Self care is forever

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Many Motivational Quotes. Daily Thought: Self care is forever
Boundaries are so crucial to having a healthy life because they promote individuality and it also really shows that one has a mind to protect the things they wish to accomplish in life and won't settle for the people around them running amok trying to extinguish the flame they have. The best way to set these boundaries up is to communicate and express the things that you say you are willing to accept within your sphere. Sometimes these set boundaries are broken either by accident or even on purpose by people who think they can test you and at times like these communication is key, so let it be known up front that you won't stand for it and you won't stand for people who do not understand that them crossing the line you have drawn in the sand might mean you having to crossing them out of your life.

Reclaim your true worth

Saturday, February 17, 2018

                                                        Reclaim your true worth

Many Motivational Quotes. Daily Thought: Reclaim your true worth

 Cut off anyone who doesn't see your worth. its really that simple, and if they refuse to see it them let them stay blind. If they never saw your worth in the past and have decided to remain blind in the present chances are they will walk headlong into the future just as blind as they always were. Ask yourself....what is your true worth?

6 small truths

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Many Motivational Quotes. Daily Thought: Six small truths
                                                   Remove Bad People From Your Life

When people know too much about the moves you are making in life they tend to either hate on what you are trying to accomplish or want something from you to propel themselves in a certain direction. Sadly not everyone who says they like/love you really does, some just stay connected because they are receiving some type of benefit that's either physical or emotional.

So move in silence and avoid the issues that come with being too loud.

 Slow down in life. 

Take time and enjoy the world without thinking about all those troubles for just a moment, kick back and enjoy a nice breeze once in a while.
Troubles will come and go in life but the ability to relax a little is essential in finding solutions that can help you overcome.

 Dealing With The Ungrateful 

Ever had people in your life that you bend over backwards for and they seem to just ask for more, some even go so far to say "You aren't doing enough" ? I'm sure we all have that type of person hanging around and let me just say it can be the most annoying thing in the world sometimes. Dealing with these types can be hard indeed but here is... 5 ways to deal with ungrateful people.

1: Set up boundaries of when,what, and how you will help this type to avoid issues before they arise.
 2: Speak up about how you are feeling about this types actions without a moments hesitation.
  3: learn the word no, keep it close and be ready to use it often.
4: Help these types less and yourself more.
5: If all else fails its time to Reevaluate if you still need this person in your life.

Protect your Happiness
Even once true personal happiness has been acquired, on the road to gaining it many people who you once thought would never leave will probably be gone and replaced by new people more In-tune with who you have come to be. And let's not forget its a constant struggle to protect such happiness from those who would will it gone. I guess what I'm saying is even after you reach happiness there is still more work to be done but you are better prepared to deal with it. 

 Slow down in life. 

Take time and enjoy the world without thinking about all those troubles for just a moment, kick back and enjoy a nice breeze once in a while.
Troubles will come and go in life but the ability to relax a little is essential in finding solutions that can help you overcome. 

In the end

If you are not going forward in life, then you are not growing as a person. Personal growth is so important because it brings about great development in your life that will further increase happiness and success, without growth what would be the point in living you would just be stuck doing the same old thing day to day with nothing changing. Even if its small, any type of seed will eventually grow into something larger.

Self improvement isn't easy but it's always possible to improve on *something* in your life, because no single person is perfect. Such growth will bear fruits in the workplace, schooling, and your personal life in tremendous ways, opportunities will begin to show themselves, self- esteem skyrockets (which is always a good thing.), and healthy relationships begin to form (I mean who wants an unhealthy relationship? (Those can be horrible.) 

human development is a lifelong journey, but with the right attitude and drive it will all come together.

The actual law of attraction

Monday, February 12, 2018

Many Motivational Quotes. Daily Thought: The actual law of attraction
Even the law of attraction requires you to do some WORK. As you move toward something the goal eventually gets closer to you. So walk toward your dreams, your happiness, and your epic love with tenacity and purpose.

Reclaim your Personal Happiness

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Many Motivational Quotes. Daily Thought: Reclaim your Personal Happiness
Sometimes you just have to do things for *You* instead of constantly thinking about the needs of others, now that's not to say you should completely ignore people 100% of the time because nobody likes a selfish person (at all). Being content with ones own self and situation is definitely needed if you are going to truly be able to help another person and attain some sort of peace that you can hold on to.

Personal happiness is something everyone needs to be able to stay somewhat centered in this crazy world so don't let anyone or anything get in the way of it.

Time and Energy

Many Motivational Quotes. Daily Thought: Time and Energy
Stop letting those who are not deserving drain you of the time and energy you have. Time and energy are precious things, and as such the hateful, untrustworthy, and negative people in this world are not worth anymore energy, the only thing this type of person wants is to leech from you and once they are sated *poof* they vanish without a trace leaving you high and dry. Instead reserve it for the people who make it a priority to lift you up each day, who make you want to be a better person.

Time and energy should be used efficiently not wasted. Life is so much better without leech-like people stuck to you, so remove them before they suck you dry.

Why would you ever allow anyone else to define you?

Thursday, February 8, 2018

People who try to belittle you like that are always trying to keep you from getting ahead of them out of jealousy. The only perception that matters about you is your own!

If the people around you are not cheering for your success then they no longer need to be around you its that simple.

You have accomplished too much in your life to let someone even try to ruin it for you so do not let them!

Discard All Aspects of Negativity

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Many Motivational Quotes. Daily Thought: Discard All Aspects of Negativity

Reclaim the love for yourself  

Happiness in life is something viewed as a luxury only the lucky can afford. It seems that happiness and life are two distant beings waiting to conjoin but fail every time. What is life if it lacks love and happiness?

People who view the non-existence of happiness in life as a foregone conclusion are substantially mistaken. One should strive for happiness and all the good things that come with it till the very last breath.
And what better way to find that exact thing than by loving yourself. In a world where people do things that they shouldn’t for people that they don’t love, loving and living for your own self is considered an abnormality.
A negative and pessimist approach can lead to catastrophic results both physical and mental. Getting rid of all things negative will enable you to grow and be happy with your life without having any regrets or complications. Constant negativity results in poor health. A famous proverb states that “health is wealth”. Good health has an obvious direct impact on happiness.
 Loving yourself can heal a broken mind and body. Loving oneself can break barriers and broaden horizons,unlike any other act. This article provides a guideline to help love yourself and in turn help others to do the same.

Turns Out That They Lost You in the End

Friday, February 2, 2018

Many Motivational Quotes. Daily Thought; They Lost You
Let them go. No use having the wrong people in your life anyway. The separation was meant to be and ultimately will be for your benefit.

Your Struggle

Many Motivational Quotes. Daily Thought; Your Struggle
Use that Struggle as a fuel for success and nothing can stop you.

From Within

Many Motivational Quotes. Daily Thought; From Within
Everyday starts with how you wish to perceive it! How you are willing to take in the world and change it, you have this power within you and its time to manifest everything that you want out of life today.

Live your truth

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Many Motivational Quotes. Daily Thought; Live your truth
You have to find YOUR truth and stop letting everyone in this world twist you to their way of perceiving and living. You have your own life to live and its time for YOU to start living it.