Love Only Prevails If Its Real

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Protect Your Heart From Fake Love No Matter What.  

Quotes about love

A manipulator is the worst type of person as they tend to be selfish to the core, and this can be made even worse in a relationship where people often find themselves being manipulated by things like guilt, insecurities, and doubt. An unreliable/manipulative partner is simply going to be an ex-partner eventually, so why put all that work into something that is going to crumble regardless? Being with a reliable person is a must in any relationship you want to last.

Being with someone you cannot rely on is counter-productive to any type of security you could ever want in a relationship (and who doesn't want security? Right?), it truly goes hand in hand with trust, being in a relationship with a reliable person bring about a deeper connection with your partner you know they will always be there to catch you when you stumble and will always have your back indefinitely.

There is no reason for anyone to have to endure the misery of a spouse while in a relationship. The whole reason for a partnership is to have mutual support, but if one side of the party refuses to even try to eliminate the personal misery they carry, what is the point from staying in a such a relationship? Tolerating a manipulative spouse is not good under any circumstances so don't.


Protect your heart from fake love no matter what.

Quotes about love.

Simple Quotes About Life

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Quotes About Life 

Simple Quotes About Life


Below are simple quotes about life that are hopefully very relatable.

Simple Quotes About Life

In life chances are you will only have yourself to rely on. So always be ready to pick yourself up after a fall. you have to find the strength to get back out there.

Simple Quotes About Life

Sometimes distance is just the thing you need to get a better view of who a person truly is. Just know that sometimes that new view might not be a good one...

Simple Quotes About Life

Take some time in life to recharge your batteries, you deserve it. Be gentle with yourself and allow yourself to relax a bit. Treat yourself right and everything else will fall into place.

Simple Quotes About Life

The simple fact is not all pain will make you stronger. Some of the pain we experience in life is just that, painful. But all pain will heal in time if you let it. 
Simple Quotes About Life
 They will try you but they will lose in the end regardless.
Simple Quotes About Life
Remember to do some things for your sake too.  

Fight hard for your happiness!