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Forgive and Remove.

November 29, 2018

 Just because you forgive them doesn't mean they get to stay in your life.

 Just because you forgive them doesn't mean they get to stay in your life.

Just because you forgive someone does not mean you have to tolerate the type of negativity they bring into your life. They can keep that bullshit and you can move on with forgiveness in your heart and go live your best life without them in it. It's simple really. Do you want to spend anymore time on people that aren't worth it? They do not want to change and you have given them every chance to. It's time to seek out more trustworthy people! If they won't change, then its better that you do for your own sake.

Turn the page on certain people

November 24, 2018

Sometimes people are no longer deserving of your time and energy. Turn the page. Let them go. Move on. Your life is going to be much better without them.

Sometimes people are no longer deserving of your time and energy. Turn the page. Let them go. Move on. Your life is going to be much better without them. You can and will succeed without them. Remember that your progress in life is defined by you and nobody else. Surround yourself with the people that can and will be happy to see you grow in an amazing way and turn the page on those who aren't happy to see growth in your life. Life is like a book, each new page gives you the chance to put something amazing on it.

10 ways to generate more happiness in your life

November 16, 2018

10 ways to generate more happiness in your life

10 ways to generate more happiness in your life

10 ways to generate more happiness in your life
 Here are just a few way to generate MORE happiness in your life!

 Invest in yourself: You are most likely going to be the ONLY one in this world to be 100% true to yourself and as such you need to invest in all the things like your health, wealth, and peace of mind because you deserve at least that much. It's time to invest in yourself for once.

No, it doesn't matter what they think: The opinions of others are a waste of time. Once you decide to make a decision, stick to it. People are always trying to control someone else's life just to gain some type of advantage. With that being said, not all opinion is bad, but it's up to you to know the difference. Trust yourself enough to take in the good advice and completely disregard negative opinion.

Do not let people take advantage of you: The time of people taking advantage of you is over. Some people are like black holes in your life. They just absorb and absorb your time, energy, money and then have the audacity to no reciprocate! That is over. The advantage is yours because you are going to seek your happiness with so much intensity that being taken advantage of will be an impossibility.

Own your mistakes and fix what can be fixed: Sometimes you simply make mistakes. Well own up to it, fix whatever can be fixed and move the hell on regardless of how anyone else feels about it. Do not get stuck in a place of continuously trying to fix something even though it is impossible. You need to know when it's time to let something stay broken and when it's time to build anew. Focus on what can be salvaged and leave the rest behind. Forgive yourself and forgive other's THAT is how you can walk away with a serene heart and mind.

Happiness is something you choose not something you find: You have an obligation to yourself to choose to be happy. You have to believe that in your heart and soul. Know that you can be happy then put that feeling into action. Find what you love and GO DO IT! Choose happiness today instead.

You cannot help everyone: We have all heard this one and it's so true. So many of us get stuck in a situation where everything feels like it just falls to you and heck sometimes it does. But that doesn't mean that it is still going to be possible to please everyone. Think about yourself for a bit. Help who you can WHEN YOU CAN. The word no needs to become a best friend that way you have ample time to recharge your batteries, A few no's a day keeps the stress away.

Leave the past behind, enjoy the present, and look forward to the future: The past needs to remain behind you. Do not dwell on it. yesterdays struggles are to be let go. Remain at peace with the present no matter what it is. Do whatever you feel that you need to do within the present to build a happy life. Walk into a not so promised future with anticipation that it can only get better and better because you are going to make it that way no matter what tries to get in your way.

Just walk your own path and let the other's do the same: Walk your own path and mind your own business and make sure everyone else does too. If people want to walk out of your life, let them. If you want to push them out of your life, do it. This is your path and nothing is going to throw you off of it. People and things come and go. Growth is hard and so is life's journey.

Treat yourself right to treat other's right: This is the tone you set for the world. Think about it, if you aren't even going to treat yourself right how are you realistically going to be able to do it for someone else? Don't let this world trick you into thinking that treating yourself right is EVER a bad thing. Stop listening to it. You are going to love yourself. You are going to love yourself more and more each day in spite of what the world.

Certain people are just not good for your life: I cannot stress this enough! Negative people are good for ONE THING and that is bringing you down with them. Negative people are like a hole in your ship of happiness that will cause it to slowly sink. If you do not have your vest on or are not openly seeking a way to separate from the disaster and patch up the hole you are going to drown! Do not drown. Your sacrifice will be in vain. They will just go find another ship to sink. Some people are just not meant to be in your life if they want to stay stuck in that negative mindset that is fine. But it does not need to become your reality. It takes the same amount of effort to be positive as it does to be negative, but the outcome is night and day. Positivity will cause your ship to sail to new and amazing sights and experiences! Negativity will sink it. It's that simple.

10 ways to generate more happiness in your life

Know your self worth and stay afloat.

November 13, 2018

Whatever you do remember your self worth and never let depression win the war.

Know your self worth and stay afloat. Depression is no joke and it's going to take a serious image of your strongest self to get through the bouts with it. Depression will try to convince you that you are worth NOTHING but your self worth has to be stronger than that. Whatever you do remember your self worth and never let Depression win the war.

The Strongest People

November 10, 2018

Find the strength to love yourself.

Find the strength to love yourself. Be strong and never let go of that love. Stay strong enough to protect that love. Self love is the greatest gift you can give to yourself. Live strong. Live with self love.

Emotional Health

November 09, 2018

Why Your Emotional Health Matters

No matter what is going on in life self love is knowing that your emotional health is being taken care of regardless. Evaluate how you are feeling and explore why you are feeling a certain way. See what can be done about it. Can you fix it? Can you accept the situation at hand? These types of questions will help you get through anything this world has to throw at you. Love and take care of yourself first so you can do unto others. You cannot help anyone else effectively until you know for certain that you are not "injured". Love yourself enough to keep your Emotional Health in mind at all times.

The Happy Life

November 07, 2018

The Happy Life

People come into your life and some people leave your life. In both instances it's up to you to never allow them to mess with your happiness nor your peace of mind. Don't permit people to have any type of power over the state of your happiness. You need to get to a place where it it's fine if they stay or leave. Remain in a state of happiness regardless of the moves other people are making and be true to yourself. If you can do that then you will be unmovable. Unstoppable. Always remain secure in happiness.

Either change or begone.

November 06, 2018

Either change or begone.

If they don't want to change they don't have to. But guess what? You can change the position you have THEM in your life. Heck, you can even remove them from it. You hold all the power when it comes to your sphere. Don't let some unchanging negative person keep bringing negative aspects into your life unchecked, it's not going to bring you anything good. Don't stay trapped in someone else's negativity. The only choice they have is to either change or begone.

You are unstoppable!

November 03, 2018

You are unstoppable!

You are unstoppable! You have the power to make anything and everyone you want a reality and most of all you have the damn will to force it to manifest in your life. No more waiting! it's time to take the wheel of life and drive. Nothing can block you from your blessings and nothing can harm your momentum! Drive with confidence and put that Peddle to the Metal.


Relationship Regret?

November 01, 2018

Relationship Regret?

Sometimes we just let the wrong ones in. It's a fact of life and very hard to avoid and yes, sometimes you are going to regret the decision. Sometimes that regret lasts for a short amount of time and sometimes it lasts for years, depending on the damage that person did in your life.

But you have to pick yourself up again and try to find the will to not completely close your heart off to people but be aware of the warning signs. If anything this situation will teach you more about the fact that 99% of the people just cannot be trusted.