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Find Your Self-Love

Be Well, Be Kind.

Quotes about kindness.
The art of Kindness.

Expressing kindness.  Cultivate kindness even in a negative environment.  Practice kindness always. Nurture loving relationships with everyone.  Stay committed to a meaningful and kind life.  Know that Relationship goals are always kind in the end. Know that it's ok to not only enjoy life’s little pleasures but also the big ones too.  Remember to reserve some kindness for yourself. 

Self-kindness is knowing that you should not pour everything you are into people who will simply waste it.

Kindness is not synonymous with being blind. See the truth of the matter clearly. Your kindness should not blind you from the truth that is right in front of your face. 

Be happy to assist but never settle for being used.

You deserve more joy and kindness in your life. It all starts with you.

Your self-love comes first

Your self-love comes first
At the end of the day, no relationship. Friendship, nor sometimes-ship is worth your self-love. If people who come into your sphere start to threaten your self-love with things like negativity, put-downs, and just overall neediness it's time to cut ties and go surround yourself with the type of people who want to grow and flourish. Your self-love comes first, everything else is secondary.