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2020 Affirmations

2020 Affirmations That You Need In Your Life.
2020 is the year of empowerment.
You need to know that you can train your mind just like any other muscle in your body. If you choose do so (and I hope you will) you will have the ability get over any obstacle in life that you might find being thrown your way. 
As difficult as it may seem to train your mind in this life, especially in moments and situations that really test your ability to even try, it will pay off big in the long run.
The moment I truly decided to incorporate many of these philosophies into my everyday life I started to notice EVERYTHING becoming better. Although it is still a work in progress, as many things in life are (and that is OK), I have been seeing more of those “amazing ups in life” and finding myself able to more effectively to get through those “terrible lows”  that can sneak up on you in life.
Everything in life comes down to being conscious of the many decisions that you make in your life and being willing …

Dependable People Need To Be Treasured

 Dependable People Need To Be Treasured
 Dependable People Need To Be Treasured

 Dependable people are so rare in this world and they need to be treasured at all times! This world has so many people who just use and abuse you left and right without a single care in the world for your feelings or pain. You have to choose the people you have around you very carefully and know that once someone proves themselves to be untrustworthy its up to you to believe that they will betray you over and over again for their own desires.

If you are dependable know that you are a treasure.