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Find Your Self-Love

Why is self love so significant?

Why Is Self Love Important?
Why is self love so significant?This is most frequently asked question. We are living in a world where we have unrealistic body and beauty standards for everyone, female and male. Having the perfect body and skin is a dream of every person, especially in teenagers. During our teen years we tend to deal with poor body image have low self-esteem and it can lead to poor mental health and we tend to grow up carrying that poor mental health well into adulthood.We have to keep in mind that nobody can love us more than we love ourselves. If you are not into you, then nobody else will be. So, no matter what you do, love yourself and who you are. 

Self-love is crucial for your well-being and mental health. It is the perfect way to prevent anxiety and depression.

For many people, self-love is a luxury instead of necessity. While there are some people who consider it a fad for people with plenty of free time.

When we are hard on ourselves, we are doing it because we w…

The 7 Traits Of Happiness

The 7 Traits Of Happiness

These are just 7 traits of happiness that i have found to be very helpful on the journey to happiness.

The 7 Traits Of Happiness

  • Self-love is going to protect you from the world's negativity.
  • Passion is going to light a fire inside of you that will burn brightly no matter the situation.
  • Courage is going to be needed to face any and all opposition to your happiness.
  • Growth must be constant even if this world would rather see you wilt. 
  • Goals are going to keep you focused and allow you to walk every step with assurance.
  • Perspective is going to allow you to see things for what they are in a world full of lies.
  • Mindfulness will allow you to live in the moment. No more regretting the past and no more fearing the future.