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Find Your Self-Love

Why is peace is so important to have in your life?

In your life, you assume that a day would come when after all the things you have been through, and all the work you have done or the things you have learnt, you will have stability in your life. You are going to meet someone who loves you and you love that person back. You have a good career and a job which pays gracefully. A loving family! A group of supporting friends. you have a good working relationship with people who you work with. But that's not entirely true. All of this is what you expect out of life.
The Bitter Truth When you don’t live up to these socially constructed and internalized expectation, this bubble of perfection pops. You should realize that you will never get a stable life or a life which is only peaceful. You can be proud of yourself and the things you have done but your life cannot always be peaceful. You can improve yourself in something but you cannot be perfect. You can expect and have good things in life. Perhaps you are not b…

It's So Empowering

Leaving negativity behind is one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself.

Leaving negativity behind is the kind of empowerment that is all about taking back the power and control over your life that negativity tried to steal away from you.

Leaving negativity behind is one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself. it's like taking a large weight off your back while on this journey called life, each step feels lighter and you can even start to sprint toward your goals more easily now!

Be empowered, leave that negativity behind you and keep moving forward. Life is a journey and there is no reason to walk on your path with unnecessary baggage slowing you down.