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Find Your Self-Love

Things To Remember On The Road To A Happy Life.

On The Road To A Happy Life. Please share these around the internet as they might help someone in need! Spread positivity to all corners of the world!   The road to happiness will cause you to outgrow many people and things along the way and that's ok. Recycle all that pain and turn it into positivity.     Moving on can be a powerful gift on the road to happiness.  It doesn't matter if they see your worth, do you see your worth? That is the question you need to ask yourself.    People in life who seem to get angrier the happier you become are the worst. Remove them from your life before its too late.    Protect your light.     

Why is peace is so important to have in your life?

Why is peace is so important to have in your life?
Peace is a necessity on the road to happiness.


In your life, you assume that a day would come when after all the things you have been through, and all the work you have done or the things you have learnt, you will have stability in your life. You are going to meet someone who loves you and you love that person back. You have a good career and a job which pays gracefully. A loving family! A group of supporting friends. you have a good working relationship with people who you work with. But that's not entirely true. All of this is what you expect out of life.

The Bitter Truth

When you don’t live up to these socially constructed and internalized expectation, this bubble of perfection pops. You should realize that you will never get a stable life or a life which is only peaceful. You can be proud of yourself and the things you have done but your life cannot always be peaceful. You can improve yourself in something but you cannot be perfect. You can expect and have good things in life. Perhaps you are not being true to yourself. We need to learn to be content with now and live within this moment.


Peace is not about achieving stability in your life, or finding a good partner or getting good at something, peace is about understanding and knowing that you are human and because you are a human, you have to deal with those things. Peace is about staying true to yourself. Accepting who you are and not trying to fit in. Peace is about how you lead your life. Loving yourself first. To be ambitious. Peace is about motivating yourself to do the things that you like. Focusing on a career. And accepting the fact that you are a human, with human emotions, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Importance of Having Peace in Your Life

Content is a celebration of life. Being true to yourself allows you to actively embrace the moment. You accept who you are. Peace gives you the freedom to experiment, to express freely and welcome emotions. It makes you see things clearly. It helps you understand yourself, your surrounding and people around you more openly. It helps you build emotionally charged and empathetic bridges. Peace gives you strength.

What Happens If Your Life Is Not Peaceful?

If you don’t have peace in your life, it makes you feel as if you are lost. You get scared of every little thing, things which happen unexpectedly. It makes you mentally drowsy and a sense of detachment from the moment persists. It causes an emotional unrest in forms of anxiety, stress, emotional burnout and depression. 

Look within – find that light – and be content!

Celestial Dust:

Whenever you come across people, secretly and internally send them blessings. Send celestial greetings and energies, and whisper within yourself “I’m sending love your way, may you heal and love yourself”. And watch all this love come back to you in magical ways.

Why is peace is so important to have in your life?

Why is peace is so important to have in your life?

Why is peace is so important to have in your life?

Why is peace is so important to have in your life?

Why is peace is so important to have in your life?

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