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Find Your Self-Love

Inspirational Quotes About Life And Happiness

Inspirational Quotes About Life And Happiness.

Live your life with the expectation that you will strive for your happiness no matter what. Be a savage at all fucking times and reach for your best life.

Life doesn't last forever! Get up and get going toward a better life! You don't have time to wait and never let anyone else convince you otherwise because those very same people who are trying to convince you that wasting time is good are probably trying to use up your time and energy for themselves. Our time here is limited so you might as well make the best of it right?

You don't have to continue to deal with other people's bullshit if you don't want to. Trust me, you have better things to do with your life and greater things to achieve than wasted time on bullshit creating people. Enough is enough.

When life decides that it wants to put a barrier in the way of something you want TURN THAT WALL INTO A DOOR THAT NEVER CLOSES! Do whatever you can to make dreams int…

Reclaim your true worth

                                                        Reclaim your true worth

Many Motivational Quotes. Daily Thought: Reclaim your true worth

 Cut off anyone who doesn't see your worth. its really that simple, and if they refuse to see it them let them stay blind. If they never saw your worth in the past and have decided to remain blind in the present chances are they will walk headlong into the future just as blind as they always were. Ask yourself....what is your true worth?