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Find Your Self-Love

Wise Words And Quotes

Wise Words And Quotes Wise words and quotes about life. Please share these around the internet as they might help someone in need! Spread positivity to all corners of the world!  No matter what position life puts you in, a test of the heart will always find a way to come about and no matter how difficult it may seem at the time you ALWAYS need to remember to love. Now loving doesn't mean you absolutely need to be near the person or people because you can just as easily love people from afar and sometimes you need to do that to move forward in life. Just remember how fragile your heart can be if you let it go through too much! Give it time to recover from the things that life throws at it from time to time and come back with an even stronger love!  The time of being the "go to" person for people who cannot even find the time for you is OVER! There is no reason that you should spend so much time and energy on those who cannot and will not do the s

Reclaim your true worth

                                                        Reclaim your true worth

Many Motivational Quotes. Daily Thought: Reclaim your true worth

 Cut off anyone who doesn't see your worth. its really that simple, and if they refuse to see it them let them stay blind. If they never saw your worth in the past and have decided to remain blind in the present chances are they will walk headlong into the future just as blind as they always were. Ask yourself....what is your true worth?